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Join the Most Intensive Accelerator Program to Kickstart Your Entrepreneurship Dream.

Turn it Into a Living, Breathing, Blockbuster Business That Grows Rapidly with Support from the Bulwarks of the Business World
It’s Time to Stop Daydreaming and Start Living the Dream

What You Get:

  1. No ifs and buts. You get a clear strategy to build a successful business from the ground up from Felecia and her business partners. In short, you get a template for success!

  2. Learn everything from creating comprehensive business plans, to preparing dozens of yummy ice pop flavors, to marketing them and minimizing operational costs

  3. 1-on-1 Skype calls With Ice Pop Business Tycoon to Get Deep Insights Into the Ice Pop business world

  4. The smarts and the skills you need to outsmart, outperform, and outcompete your competition

  5. Lifetime access to all the videos and other course materials


This Accelerator Program is for Those Who:

  • Want to learn how to squeeze ALL the profits out of the pop business.

  • Those that are tired of reading hundreds of articles on passive income generation, work-from-home ideas, and the so-called money-making advice, THAT NEVER WORKS!

  • Are tired of their 9-to-5 jobs, but care too much about their career and family to quit and start something from scratch

  • Desperately feel that their skills, talent, and grit are being wasted in the wrong industry

  • Have already succeeded in one business and are ready to dominate another industry

  • Have clear life goals that they know aren’t going to be achieved with their current income – be it in job or business

Felecia Hatcher: The 6-Figure Pop + Marketing Queen!


The spark that ignited entrepreneurial passion in Felecia was the 2008 Recession. When she lost her job, she decided that she will never make herself this vulnerable again. As someone with a deep passion for frozen desserts, the ice pop business was the obvious next stop. The growth journey definitely wasn’t that obvious. Countless mistakes and years later, she tasted roaring success, based only on her sheer grit. Her business and story made it to news outlets.

Felecia’s dream was just taking shape. Her brand Feverish Pop is a worldwide hit and even recognized by the White House! But, Felecia’s growth had just begun. She reached out to VCs with her expansion dream and quickly received $750,000 in cash. She has turned her business from a one cart that she spray painted in her parents back year to a ice pop empire before selling it in 2014.


There Is No Free Lunch And There Is No Passive Income. Period

The business landscape is cutthroat competitive. Choose any industry and mere surviving in it takes intense effort. Success demands extraordinary talent and consistently superior decisions on a daily basis. Creating a sustainable business, therefore, requires better decision-making ability, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and an undying fire to succeed.

If you have that fire in you, we’ll equip you with the decision-making skills and in-depth knowledge you need to dominate your competition in the ice pop business.

The skills and knowledge we impart you will not magically turn you into a millionaire overnight. They’ll hone you into a highly efficient and remarkably smart individual with extraordinary business acumen. Your hard work will then take you through the last mile. 

This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme. This is a BECOME SMARTER CRASH COURSE!

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Get expert advice and assistance from 2 expert industry veterans that sparked the worldwide gourmet ice pop craze.



Ice Pop University was created in 2013 by the owners of Miami-based Feverish Pops one of the initial companies that sparked the worldwide Gourmet Ice Pop craze. After years of slinging pops, raising major venture capital funding and building a HUGE brand recognized around the world and by the White House, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Forbes Travel and The NBC Today Show and serving Fortune 500 clients like, Paypal, Forever 21, Cadalliac, Adidas, WholeFoods, Jameson Whiskey, Vitamin Water, Tommy Hilfiger, Intel, Bobby Brown Cosmetics, Google and Loreal to name a few. We sold our pop company in 2015 and now consult budding popsicle entrepreneurs all over the world!  

The strength of building a successful popsicle brand has come from working with big clients and building a very unique and lucrative niche within the frozen dessert industry. But prior to getting to that point we wasted a ton of money, buying the wrong equipment, spending hours at low traffic farmers markets, hiring great employees, firing horrible employees, building a brand the media loves, shipping pops nationwide, setting up wholesale accounts, building out US distribution, getting major investment from a venture capitalist and running a store. We’ve literally done it all and know what works and what doesn't and we’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to! Don't go it alone! 

Let's talk about the Ice Pop Industry… It’s stable, and growing like crazy with over 18 billion ice pops sold every year just in the United States you can imagine the stability in this business. Over the years Feverish Pops has recieved tons of emails and phone calls from those wanting to learn the "secret sauce" so the team decided to create, courses and guides to assist others that would like to get into this exciting industry. 

In our information packed course Ice Pop University we will show you how to get your own market share of the ice pop business. We will walk you through everything step by step. We have done this a thousand times and now you have us as your personal “ice pop” business coach.


Check out a few of our students who have used our training and mini courses to launch and grow their pop business.

Thank you to Felecia, Derrick and Joe. We had a great time at the one day course. We learned a lot and can’t wait to get started with our pop shop.
— Tammy M


$350 per hour

Have questions? Troubleshooting issues? Want to take your business to the next level? Freaking Out? Let's get on a Skype call and get you the answers you need and create a strategy for Ice Pop Success!