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Get expert advice and assistance from 2 expert industry veterans that sparked the worldwide gourmet ice pop craze.



Ice Pop University was created in 2013 by the owners of Miami-based Feverish Pops one of the initial companies that sparked the worldwide Gourmet Ice Pop craze. After years of slinging pops, raising major venture capital funding and building a HUGE brand recognized around the world and by the White House, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Forbes Travel and The NBC Today Show and serving Fortune 500 clients like, Paypal, Forever 21, Cadalliac, Adidas, WholeFoods, Jameson Whiskey, Vitamin Water, Tommy Hilfiger, Intel, Bobby Brown Cosmetics, Google and Loreal to name a few. We sold our pop company in 2015 and now consult budding popsicle entrepreneurs all over the world!  

The strength of building a successful popsicle brand has come from working with big clients and building a very unique and lucrative niche within the frozen dessert industry. But prior to getting to that point we wasted a ton of money, buying the wrong equipment, spending hours at low traffic farmers markets, hiring great employees, firing horrible employees, building a brand the media loves, shipping pops nationwide, setting up wholesale accounts, building out US distribution, getting major investment from a venture capitalist and running a store. We’ve literally done it all and know what works and what doesn't and we’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to! Don't go it alone! 

Let's talk about the Ice Pop Industry… It’s stable, and growing like crazy with over 18 billion ice pops sold every year just in the United States you can imagine the stability in this business. Over the years Feverish Pops has recieved tons of emails and phone calls from those wanting to learn the "secret sauce" so the team decided to create, courses and guides to assist others that would like to get into this exciting industry. 

In our information packed course Ice Pop University we will show you how to get your own market share of the ice pop business. We will walk you through everything step by step. We have done this a thousand times and now you have us as your personal “ice pop” business coach.


Check out a few of our students who have used our training and mini courses to launch and grow their pop business.

“We launched immediately after the course and started selling our pops in April (2014) and by June (2014) we are currently in 3 Whole Foods locations.

The materials that you receive will be your guide even after the course is complete. You will not get this information anywhere else! Ice Pop University is the best to learn all there is to know about starting an ice pop business.

— Ayesha-Pop Stars










Online Ice Pop University Students get:

  • Three 1 on 1 (1 hour) Video Call strategy sessions with the Chief Popsicles of Feverish Pops
  • 20+ Instructional Video Tutorials 
  • Top Selling Feverish Pops Recipes eBook
  • 15+ Workbooks 
  • Ice Pop U Ebook
  • STRATEGIC Business Plan workbook Exclusively for Ice Pop Businesses
  • Step by Step on How to make high quality gourmet pops
  • 30 Day’s yo Launch Checklist
  • STRATEGIC Business Planner workbook Exclusively for Ice Pop Businesses
  • How to Set Up Home Production/Commercial Kitchen or Set-up a *Storefront
  • How to Identify your Market/ Territory and high traffic locations in your city
  • How to build your brand and get the media drooling over you
  • How to create the perfect business model for your ice pop business
  • List of all equipment and material suppliers 
  • How to purchase or make your own Ice Cream Cart
  • Startup Inventory Checklist
  • Sample Business Plan
  • Event Booking/Catering Templates
  • Marketing Assistance
  • The secrets to How Feverish Gets Major Media Placement and Features
  • Training Sales/Customer Service Training
  • Daily Cart Operations Manual
  • How to get your product into local and major retailers
  • Booster Shot – A list of marketing and public relations opportunities for your business.


$350 per hour

Have questions? Troubleshooting issues? Want to take your business to the next level? Freaking Out? Let's get on a Skype call and get you the answers you need and create a strategy for Ice Pop Success!