I spent years working in PR and Marketing before starting Feverish. I had a huge learning curve getting into the business of learning how to make the perfect ice pop that people would love. I then realized holy crap, I also need to market these things, see the problem with marketing food products is that no matter what you say about the product, nothing replaces the experience people feel when they taste the product, except for word of mouth and the recommendation from someone they trust. 

And do you know who's opinion customers trust more then their close family and friends? Journalist, influencers and celebrities. 

You are probably thinking ok I get it but I have no idea how to get started or I've tried reaching out to a journalist and I never heard from anyone.

Many people get it wrong when trying to get the media talking about their product, 

1. They don't reach out to journalist and are waiting to be discovered.

2. They don't make their products marketable

3. They underestimate the power of influencers

4. They don't know how or why they should build a distribution list.

When we were featured on the NBC Today Show, Cooking Channel, and a ton of other magazine, blogs, radio shows and news papers, I was shocked, although I had worked in PR and marketing for years I could have never imagined how AMAZING the media attention would be for our business $$$$. Aside from knowing

1. How to pitch to the media

2. What to have prepared

3. The right product pictures,

and.. What to say to them

The most important step is having a list of journalist to actually pitch to. This is single handedly the most time consuming part of the process that stops most entrepreneurs from getting the media attention they deserve. Building a list of journalist in the food industry means flipping through newspapers, watching countless TV shows waiting for the credits and spending hours upon hours googling for answers and random journalist contact info. Click this link below to purchase a spread sheet of over 1000 food journalist that need to hear your story.