Have you been “on the verge of” or “about to” launch your pop business for far too long? 

I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realized these TWO things, everything changed. Want to know what they are?

#1:  You DON'T need to hide away in a cave for 2 years to create The Perfect Ice Pop Company

You can create what I call a MVPB (Minimum Viable Pop Business)—where you create your pop brand in just 1 month. This is all you need to start making money from pre-selling your pops with catering orders.

Does this actually work in practice? Uh, yeah but it requires a plan and hustle!

#2:  The success of your launch is not personal—it’s math. Either you have the numbers, or you need to get the numbers. It comes down to






Once I learned "Launch Math," I went from making $100.00 a day selling pops on the street to getting major brands pay us $20,000for branded pops and catering events and more…

It's a simple formula that we teach in the 3 Month Biz Accelerator that makes it easy for you to predict how much money you'll make from catering events and learning how to get big brands as your client.

The Course-2.png

Here's what happened to me after launching Feverish Pops...


We were hired by major brands like…

Adidas, PayPal, Forever 21, Airbnb, Google, Caddallic, Wholefoods, Capital Records, Tom Cruise (Yes the actor) and so many more brands to not sell them 1 pop, but hundreds and thousands of pops at a time.

  • INSTANT INFLUENCER STATUS: Become the most sought out expert in your niche of the ice pop business... like, forreal—it's crazy how fast the right media attention gets you and your company noticed and the phone ringing off the hook. We were honored at the White House in 2014 for being one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 in 2014, featured on the NBC Today Show, the Food Network, Wall Street Journal and so many more…

  • DREAM CLIENTS: Attract amazing catering clients and big brands who pay you top dollar because you have a unique product for their events or brand campaigns... I'll show you how to develop your SWEET Brand Strategy.

  • INVITATIONS FOR HIGH PAYING OPPORTUNITIES: Your branding and premium catering packages gives you instant credibility & visibility in the market, so be ready to take your pop business to new audiences!

  • THE *RIGHT* AUDIENCE: You can stop playing the IG popularity contest—no more focusing on followers; this will grow your *right* audience and attract the people who really want to buy from you.

  • CONSISTENT INCOME: You'll now have a a high quality product with little overhead cost that makes you money around the clock (it's so suh-weet seeing payment notifications hit your my bank account every day!) 

Ice Pop Biz Accelerator is our A 90-day program to help you create & launch your ice pop brand profitably—without the crazy expensive equipment, years of culinary training and Business school overwhelm.

Step-by-step videos to help you create & launch your Ice Pop Brand in 90 days

My goal with our 3 month program is to help your transform your idea and ice pop business to not only help you make money but create the lifestyle you want. We have revamped our 4 week course into a 3 month business accelerator to really help you as an entrepreneur cut through the clutter, the self doubt and most importantly how to pull the resources together to get you on a growth path! Keep reading to find out what’s in our course and how you get some 1 on 1 time with me!

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