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I know 6 figures sounds spammy, but if you are as obsessed with desserts as I have been my whole life and more importantly you want to launch a serious business around your love and passion, then you deserve to launch a pop business that is profitable.

I also know what its like to work a job you absolutely hate, which was my experience when I worked for the NBA, and then having the rug pulled from under me when I was working my dream job in Marketing with Nintendo, when I lost my job in 2008 when the economy tanked. I never wanted to be in the position again, where I either had to depend on a paycheck from a job I hated and more importantly could not control my destiny, time or profit potential. I found all that in the ice pop business.

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Live Classes every month in Miami Florida


You can Google until your fingers fall off or you can save time, and quickly go from idea to launch! After 7 years in the pop business, raising VC funding and then selling my company, I Know what it takes to launch a successful ice pop brand. Heck, I’ve helped launch tons of them all across the globe.

If you are serious about working together to achieve your goals, keep scrolling down to the option that works best for you. Or better yet, start with my free 2 hour course!